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Thursday, September 07, 2000

With a new job at Intellinex as a Designer/Developer, I've been travelling a lot lately. Since all of my normal activities tend to be based in the SF Bay Area, and since I'm in Aliso Viejo (behind the Orange Curtain), I've been missing out on all of my normal activities. Still, I need something to keep myself sane in my earthy-crunchy, tree-huggin', Berkeley girl kind of way. Trapped in a corporate office for 12 hours a day, I've got to make this laptop my friend rather than my enemy. I've been reading Kevin's weblog and realizing that it's a great way to write down all those weird little things you think of from time to time. So why not copy the cool things my friends are doing (other than by doing so, it somehow seems to fundamentally deflate the coolness of it)?


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