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Tuesday, October 24, 2000

I had the most wonderful evening last night. After a very long day at work, Rick decided that he didn't want to go to the Plough with me. So I headed up on my own. I usually forget until it's too late that I need to do things like this on my own from time to time. This came in at just the right moment. I got an evening of dancing, talk with old friends, flirtation with old and new friends, hugs and kisses, and I came away with a feeling of revitalization. It was just what I needed. And maybe 20 percent of it was actually the dancing. Heck, just getting to chat with Kevin and play cards for a while before going to the Plough was so pleasant. He's been such a good friend for so many years and he's definitely one of those folks I can say anything to. Heck, last night we were both talking about women we were attracted to. I have the highest hopes for his finding the woman of his dreams someday. If it ever managed to work out having an intentional community, he's someone I'd definitely want there. I still think it could work. Perhaps the way to do it is to buy an apartment building and start that way. If we all lived in the same complex, that could work out so well. The combined skills and energies of my friends would surely bring us all happiness and wealth.

Did I mention I was feeling revitalized? I guess that also kicked the idealism switch in the process.


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