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Monday, October 23, 2000

Lately Rick has been ranting a whole lot about driver's licenses being a privilege, not a right. It seems there are a few too many bad drivers for his taste on the road. Perhaps this News of the Weird tidbit is part of the explanation:
"In September, driving-school owner Bharat Patel, 49, became
the 31st person convicted in a driver's-license bribery
scandal at a Chicago examining station. According to testimony,
Patel did not even bother to teach and spent all his time with
examiners. Some of Patel's students were such bad drivers that
examiners, who took $300,000 in bribes in two years, actually
gave Patel his money back. Some subsequently licensed drivers
did not know how to start a car or engage the transmission;
others turned directly into traffic during the test; and
sometimes, terrified examiners halted the test mid-trip and
hitchhiked back to the station."

Of course, it could also be that everyone is 5% bad driver, and when there's 100 cars on the road with you, at least five of them will be doing something weird while your trying to share the road. Heaven knows I've had my bad driver moments, and Rick, well, he's definitely scared me a few times. Who knows. Just giving folks the benefit of the doubt. Then again, maybe they just paid tidy little bribe for their license.


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