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Wednesday, October 25, 2000

So Halloween is definitely my favorite holiday. The only thing I wish is that it were treated more like New Year's Day, where you actually party on the night before, but get the next day off to recover. Since I'll never get that, I'll take a short evening hanging out with friends instead.

This year we're talking of resurrecting a Halloween activity of years past by going Christmas Caroling for Halloween. If you're confused, don't be. What could be scarier than having a bunch of characters show up at your door to remind you that there's only 54 shopping days left before Christmas, hmmm? Plus, handing a candy cane to someone trying to give you candy rates way up there on the reality bending scale.

Apparently the normal Hallows Eve hijinks will be happening in Sacramento. Ann & Mario are hosting a heaven and hell party, with a reminder that although leather and vinyl in black and red are fun, there should at least be a few representatives of heaven there for the big battle later in the evening.

All this makes me think of Janelle, who traditionally hosted the Halloween parties in Sacramento. Not only does she no longer live in Sac, but she and Frank are still wrestling with the life and death stresses of his exploding pancreas. I really hope they're doing okay (better?).


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