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Tuesday, October 10, 2000

So watching last week's Buffy with Rick over the weekend, we were both a bit dissatisfied with the addition of the little sister, Dawn. My argument is that they're going to do something good with the character and that she isn't really Buffy's sister at all but some sort of reality bender like the Jonathan episode. I'm just hoping they get through this story arc quickly. Rick is more annoyed. The petty bickering of this week's episode was just a bit too much for him. This is not the witty dialog we watch Buffy for. He cites her credit in the main credits (while noting that the actress playing Tara is NOT listed there....grumblegrumblegrumble....more on that later) as evidence that Dawn is there to stay. If she is there to stay, there's a lot of explaining to do, like where they hell has this girl been for the last five seasons anyway! Personally, I thought Rick's assessment was just about perfect. He said, "It's like when they added Scrappy to Scooby Doo and suddenly the whole show sucked." My thoughts exactly. Please don't add Scrappy to the Scooby gang!

And as for the character of Tara, there's always been a bit of a weirdness there, wondering if there's more to her than meets the eye. But at the same time, I find her relationship with Willow (and the relationship's treatment on the show) to be one of the healthiest models for what happens when it turns out one of your friends is gay: nothing changes! They're still that wonderful person you've known all along. Just because they're attracted to their gender doesn't change who they are. Love is love and can be had with anyone you find it with, male or female, black, white, or brown. In fact, I think this is the first time bisexuality has ever been positively treated in American TV. Kudos to the Buffy gang for that one. Now don't blow it, okay?


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