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Friday, October 06, 2000

So the weirdest thing happened today. Yesterday I had been told the earliest I would roll off would be November 30th. This morning, I got a note from my PeopleManager saying I was being switched to the Covad project in a week or so. About an hour later, one of the team leads came in and said that I would be rolling off today and starting at Covad on Monday. I can't begin to describe how fabulous this is. Covad is just up the street from my home in San Jose. I won't have to fly away every Monday now. Woohoo! Heck, everything about it is great. It's the sector I want to work in (Technology). It's close to home. Rick and Tigger will be SO happy. I can start climbing again. I can start dancing again.

About a week ago I was thinking about the Starry Plough and how much I missed it. I was thinking about how all the folks on my team here at Fluor were very nice and easy to get along with, but that I never feel like I fit in with them. When I'm at the Plough, I feel like that is a group of people I really fit in with. And it's surprising how important that is. And it's funny how that plays out. I sometimes describe myself to folks here as a "funky Berkeley girl". The funny thing is that when I lived in Berkeley, I didn't really like it there all that much. What I did like was the Plough. And in the long run, it seems that that one association has become a basic part of my identity.

So, back to Northern California for me. How does that song go? "Live in Northern California once, but leave before it makes you soft." I think I went soft a long time ago and I can never leave.


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