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Thursday, October 19, 2000

We just found out that the project here at Covad will be wrapping up on October 31st. I think I'm one of the only folks here who is really sad about that. I really have enjoyed this project so much. Writing Instructor Led Training is something I'm really good at. What's more, I really love this team. At Fluor I always felt like the outsider who came in in the ninth inning even though there were months of work left to do. At Covad, I really did come in at the ninth inning, but I've never felt like an outsider. Yuxi is a great team lead. He's warm and encouraging and non-judgemental. Karen and Judy are great motivators with a real sense of when to say when. Last night they came back after shopping to pick up Karen's car. When they saw my car in the parking lot, they both came in and said, "Bad consultant! Go home!" I was just trying to finish my work, but they were more interested in keeping their team members sane. I really appreciated that. This is such a change from the attitude at Fluor which was that working eleven hours a day was normal and to be expected and welcome to the life of a consultant. Of course I also love not having to travel. I love being able to come home at the end of a long day and hug my sweetie and snuggle my cat. I never realized before what a difference that makes.

I really hope my next project is local and with a great team like this one.


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