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Wednesday, December 13, 2000

Well, after a rather substantial hiatus, I'm back on the horse. Kevin says that if I start writing in my weblog again, he'll take it as a good example and get Cameo pulled together. Goofy boy. There was a good reason why I quit writing. For some reason, I didn't tell Rick about writing a web log. It didn't seem important. I guess it didn't seem public either. Anyway, he ended up stumbling across it and was really angry that I didn't tell him. And he was even more angry that I had fun at the Plough without him and that I'd written that going to things without him was different than going to things with him and that people seemed to interact with me differently. I was really caught off guard by how angry he was. The truth is, people do interact with couples differently than they do with individuals. Arguments like that make me wonder if I really ought to be a full time individual. On the flip side, I do really enjoy the comfort and security of living with Rick.

So, the upshot of all this is that I didn't feel like writing anything down for quite a while. Now, back on the road again, I have a renewed sense of wanting to catalog the world I stumble across. And if folks don't like it, so be it.


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