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Tuesday, January 09, 2001

I realized this morning that I forgot to mention anything about Krazy Khabib's Indian Food Crisis. Krazy Khabib's is at Tate's every year. It started back in the early 90's (1993?) just after the Gulf War. It was originally Krazy Khabib's Middle East Food Crisis. We created a bunch of different dishes of middle eastern origin, dressed up, and spent the night lounging around Tate's place listening to middle eastern music. Flash forward to 2001. Krazy Khabib's is now a running tradition. Krazy Khabib has been to India, Thailand, and the Carribean. The event usually happens every year on the Saturday between Christmas and New Year's. This year it was pushed out a week since doing this one night and New Year's Eve parties the next seemed too stressful.

This year, Krazy Khabib went back along the spice trade route to India. I made a dal soup and chicken tikka masala. We also made lamb vindaloo, raita, mint and corriander chutney, saag, a rice I forget the name of, a fish dish I forget the name of, and... well heck, a whole bunch of food. Plus, we ordered the samosas and nan from a local restaurant. Plus Ann served us ollolieberries and pineapple drizzled with honey for dessert. We all dressed in our best Indian wear (much of which was very nice from Tate and Terri's wedding), and let Khabib offer us pleasures and temptations. First we had a belly dancing show from a friend of ours. For the first time, I was actually impressed with belly dancing. She was not your standard overweight house wife. This woman had the moves! Then Khabib pleasured us with two masseuses. It's kind of fun now that our friends are getting established enough not to be living hand to mouth. When we first did Krazy Khabib's, Tate would pass the hat to help pay for all the groceries we bought. It usually only cost about a hundred dollars, but when you're just getting over being a student, that's a lot of money. Now, he provides the food, buys take out for what he doesn't want to bother with, and provides massage for everyone at the party. Life is good. I'm enjoying growing up and moving out of my starving student phase.


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