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Wednesday, January 17, 2001

Rick and I joined Weight Watchers yesterday. I tried it a little less than a year ago myself, but with Rick still wanting real dinners and me not wanting to let him just eat Taco Bell, I eventually wimped out. Now that's Rick's doctor has recommended losing a little weight, I think we can team up and do pretty well. The program has been refined a bit over the last year, but one thing is for sure: broccoli is 0 points and I can eat as much of that as I want. No, really! It's a good thing!

Tonight I'm still at work. It's 9:34. I'm hungry because I couldn't leave the building to get food because I didn't have a badge to get back in. I'm really feeling like the bastard child at my company. There was going to be a San Jose office dammit! That was the plan! But the plan has died and there's no hope for CPR. So this week and last week I've been working in the San Jose E&Y office downtown and feeling a bit like a guest at a wedding who doesn't know the bride or the groom. Ick! At least there was one nice accountant who came and made friends with me. Her name is Bronwen. Believe it or not. It's the Welsh spelling of that name. Anyway, I just had to tell her about the dance Bronwyn and she was tickled. So she's real nice and has offered to help me out if I need anything. The problem is that during the daytime, I've got no problems. But after hours, it really sucks to be me. I'm just glad the toilet is accessible without a security badge.


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