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Wednesday, January 03, 2001

So I called Rick last night after getting back to the hotel. He was hooking up our new DVD player (Thank you Fred!) and had the tv tuned into channel 3 as a result. Channel 3 is the Discovery channel at home, and there was a program about meerkats. My dear little cat became instantly glued to the television for the next couple of hours. Rick brought over the little step ladder so that she could be closer to the screen. She then sat completely glued to the tv for as long as the show was on, making little chirps and meows in response. Rick was thinking we should get her a video of this show. I suggested getting her one of the videos created specially for cats. Then I thought we could just program the VCR to tape a bunch of Discovery channel shows and we could even leave it on for her when we go away for a day or more. It was about this point that I realized just how good Tigger has it. We bring her food, we clean her bathroom, we're considering programming the VCR for her. If you walk up and pet her while she's watching tv, she'll talk to you for a moment, but then get sucked back in. Heck, maybe she's saying, "Hey woman, bring me a beer!"

My cat, the couch potato. Sigh.


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