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Thursday, January 18, 2001

Today I experienced the first rolling blackout in downtown San Jose. Basically, the power went off around 10am and was restored around noon. About 10:45, I realized that sitting around the office was utterly useless and so I left. I went and did all of my afterwork errands (that were put off last night due to long hours), went home and put away groceries, and then headed back to work. I arrived back here about 12:30 to find everything back up and running except the voicemail system. It actually ended up being kind of cool. Just as I was leaving the Whole Foods Market at noon, the power went off there. The cool thing was that the registers had a backup system and could run for about 15 minutes after the power was out. At least, that's what they announced over the loudspeakers.

Tomorrow we're headed to see the new California Adventure. There's a special annual passholder's preview. Even though I'm no longer an AP holder, I still have friends who are. They purchased the ridiculously overpriced tickets and so off we go! I hope it's cool. I'm really looking forward to seeing everything. It still seems bizarre to try to cram all the attractions of California into a few acres, but who knows, maybe it will work. I still think it will be a little odd to walk past a miniture Golden Gate bridge down in So.Cal though.

I've got to leave the office now though. My hands are frozen since this half of the building doesn't seem to get heat after 3:00. Plus, I've got to cook dinner for Rick & Fred.


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