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Thursday, January 25, 2001

Yesterday when I had no web access I had all these things to put in my weblog. Now I can't remember any of them. Doh.

Yesterday I came to work as normal even though I now was technically on the beach. However, every parking lot was full leaving me only one option: to park in the building parking for $1 every 20 minutes. So I raced upstairs, took care of the most important things I had wanted to do today, and headed back down to run errands. $3 later, I was on the road. I managed to get an estimate for the damage to my car and to stop by the adjustor's shop to get approval for my insurance. Then I planned to head to Berkeley and curl up with the New Hire Tech Basics Leader's Guide and a good cup of coffee. On the way there I decided to pop into Good Vibrations for some Liquid Silk and just to browse. There went the rest of my afternoon. Their book section always sucks me in. About 4:00 I headed up Dwight to Kevin's apartment, and on the way noticed a house for sale. I pulled the flier just to prove to myself that it was ridiculously overpriced and that I would never to be able to afford a place like I wanted in the bay area. Only it didn't work out that way. This 1920's spanish style house with detached garage, spa, washer & dryer, 3 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, remodeled kitchen and so forth was only $299,000. Now if you don't live in the bay area, that may seem high. But for me it's just what I want at a price that is really reasonable by recent standards. Unfortunately, Berkeley is not a convenient place to live since Rick works in Milpitas. Rasafrasamergle. Oh well. At least it reminds me that I may someday be able to afford a place to live even in the bay area. Man it was tempting!!!

So then I headed up to Kevin's house and we "worked" on Cameo for a while. This consisted of playing a new Looney Labs game called Cosmic Coasters (fun!), doing some brief online stuff, making travel arrangements, grabbing dinner at Coffee Source, going to the ASUC arcade to play Dance Dance Revolution and Air Hockey, stopping at Yogurt Park for dessert on the way back (mmm... 4 point non-fat, sugar-free caffe latte frogurt), playing Guillotine, watching Buffy again, and then going home. And oh yeah, over dinner we talked a little about Cameo. Anyway, I had a great time, but now we have to get together again sometime and really do work (Darn!). No really! We're going to work next time! Really!

So today as I walked the half mile from the last available parking lot to the office, I asked one of my co-pedestrians what the conference was all about. He said it was Photonics West. Oh.


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