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Tuesday, February 06, 2001

I got the job!!! I'm going to be teaching (training) at Stanford!!! It so fucking rocks!!!

Now this is my weird experiment. When I posted my email address a few days ago when I was laid off (ten days ago) I got email from all sorts of folks I couldn't imagine were reading my weblog. This included Alice Rice, from Intellinex, who commiserated since she had also been laid off. This also included Anthony from the Plough, someone who I've danced with many times but couldn't imagine having stumbled across my weblog. And it included someone who promised to send my resume to the right people at Yahoo! And to that person, thank you so much for the offer. The only reason I didn't jump on the opportunity was because I was already deeply into the interview process with Stanford and figured I'd ride that out before moving ahead with other positions.

So Rick was upset a while back about my weblog and my saying things he felt were private. I said it wasn't like I was screaming out to the world. I have to admit now though that it is a bit like that.

So Thomas and Kim are moving to the area. Tom took a job with Chaincast and is moving down from Sacramento. Kim is his girlfriend who was living in Monterey. We've been looking for a place for them to move into together. It's still a tricky prospect out there, but there are definitely more interesting places out there than there were six months or a year ago. Of course, what was going to 12-13k a month is now 15-18k a month. Yesterday we went to see a house that started from the exact same floor plan as our place in Sacramento. Only here it was $1800 a month and in Sac, we paid $795. The difference seems to be that at this point there's a $1000 Silicon Valley surcharge. It's hard for Tom to stomach. Still, I'm having fun driving around and seeing what's available. I'm really hoping they get the duplex in Santa Clara for $1595 a month. It's a great place in a great location with all new carpert and vinyl and a garage with w/d hookups. Very cool. And walking distance from Mio Vicino (yummy Italian!).

Well, back to the hunt. Wish us luck!


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