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Monday, February 26, 2001

I have inadvertantly started something that seems to have caught a wisp of enthusiasm I had no idea was lying so quietly, dormantly in the corner.

Dirk sent me an email about a house on F Street in Sacramento. He's been looking at places in Palo Alto to settle in for the long haul (or at least the upbringing of Camryn). The house is stunning. I was amazed with it, and amazed with the price compared to the prices around here, but then I noticed this line in the description:
"Grand ballroom with a large fireplace and spring loaded maple dance floor in the basement for your dance parties"

That's when I couldn't let it go. So I sent a hasty email to a bunch of friends. And that's how it started.

Now there's a mailing list for interested parties on Topica and we're planning to see the place on Sunday at noon. I certainly don't have the money to buy it and I can't move back to Sacramento right now, but apparently this struck a chord with others as well, and well, Kevin has gone completely gung ho and I think he really really wants to do this.

And all of the sudden if feels real and I'm panicking!

Is this real? Is this possible? Would the group have a home? And who would the group be if that happened? And what about those in the group that I don't want to have in my home? Granted, that's only one person, but this is the thing that plagues my mind.

There's this part of me that hopes that the place is infested with termites and not worth the money. There's another big part of me that wonders what happens if it is worth it. Could I really be part owner in a dream home in Sacramento? Should I be?


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