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Thursday, February 15, 2001

Okay, so the PeopleSoft manual I'm digging through right now is in the silliest format I can imagine. I know their reasoning (it allows for really big flowcharts, important things can be all on one page, etc.), but the darned thing is about a yard wide when opened! I wish I had a ruler to measure it. And quite a large portion of it isn't really written to utilize the size of it's pages. I feel like a munchkin when I'm trying to read it. Actually, it wouldn't be nearly as bad if it had a hard cover, but as it is, it flops and bends all over the place unless you lay it out on a table, which just isn't convenient for the use I'm putting it to.

Kevin handed me a book called "The Design of Everyday Things." On the one hand, it's great because it's shaping my perspective on good user-interface design. On the other, it's really annoying because now I see flaws in the design of darned near everything. Doh!


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