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Wednesday, February 28, 2001

So on my way back from my morning training session, I caught the news on NPR. Apparently there was a major earthquake in Washington State. I must say, I was kind of expecting it. Here in California, little quakes (in the 1-3 range) are a daily occurance. On Sunday in San Jose, there was a bigger quake that people actually noticed. It was only a 4.4, but that's enough to feel it. It seems like every time there's a batch of worldwide earthquakes (India, El Salvador), then it's usually followed by a mild quake here that may or may not be followed by a big West Coast quake. I've personally been kind of waiting for it all week. It's the Bay Area's turn since LA had the Northridge quake in '96 and we had the last biggie before that in '89. I hope everyone in Washington is okay. I don't know if they're as prepared to handle quakes as we are in California. I'm also thankful that it wasn't us. I've never actually been near the epicenter of a big one when they happen. I'm not looking forward to that possibility.


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