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Tuesday, February 06, 2001

This was supposed to be published on the 31st of January, but Blogger was having issues.

For those who were worried, I'm just fine. I got several emails of concern and good wishes. Thanks for the mail. It invoked myriad different emotional responses. My first was, “oh that's so nice” and “gosh that’s thoughtful,” followed by, “wow, I can’t believe this person was actually reading my weblog” to having a moment of, “Geez, people actually read this thing?! I gotta start writing some more interesting stuff!” I was also thinking back to the movie “Pump Up the Volume” with Christian Slater. Yah, yah, cheesy flick, but I was 15 when it came out, so don’t pester me. For those who haven’t seen it, it’s about a guy who has a pirate radio station in the middle of suburban Arizona. There’s one moment where he’s talking about “keeping his three listeners glued with hooey-blooey to their radios” only to realize later that he has hundreds of listeners. That’s how I felt this week. I just can’t believe anyone takes the time to read my rambles. Did you all get laid off too?

I had an interview at Stanford today for a training position. They’re converting their campus administration/financials/HR systems to Peoplesoft and Oracle. They want someone to come in and be a part of the team to develop the training for these systems. It’s a big project, but everything they talked about made me really glad I had a chance to work for E&Y/Intellinex. The one thing about working for a place like E&Y is that you cram in so much experience in so little time. In the three major projects I worked on there, I got to write instructor led training, develop web based learning, and design a course from start to finish. I’ll never get that kind of accelerated experience in any other job again. Just for the record, if Stanford offers me the job, I’ll be taking it in a heartbeat.

In other news, I went to Christyn’s birthday party (at Stanford) on Saturday night. After some reluctance to play, it turns out that I am a champion 3D Twister player. It was a homemade game of Twister with construction paper cutouts pasted all over the walls and sofas for a game board. It was played like normal Twister, except that there were certain extra calls, like “Right hand on someone else’s head.” I won the first round I was in on a left foot on someone else’s back. Wearing a nice silk dress, I easily craned my foot around behind me to the other player’s back. The guys who were playing were mostly wearing jeans, and I think this finally proved that I have far more mobility in my skirts and dresses than they’ll ever have in jeans. I ended up winning two games!

Meanwhile, I’m busy revising my resume and spending some quality time with Tiggs. She’s curled up in my lap at the moment. It’s good to have a cuddly cat.


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