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Friday, March 16, 2001

Ack! My post just got eaten! I hate that!!!

I was going on about the rental car I've been driving all week. It's a car that was clearly designed so that no one would want to buy it. It's a Chevy Metro, and it's a very odd little car. As a person of small stature, I should be able to drive a small car like that with ease. The radio is placed in a way that it is hard to reach without leaning forward in my seat or having much longer arms, but this seems really wrong to me because someone with longer arms would have longer legs and would have the seat adjusted further back. Then there's all the weird places that Chevy chose to cut corners. For instance, the car has air conditioning, but it doesn't have a light in the trunk, which has proved to be fairly problematic a few times this week. Anyway, let me just say that I'll be very happy to have my baby Saturn back. Eostre's a good little car, and I just love her third door!


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