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Thursday, March 08, 2001

Frozen food. When I was growing up, there were Swanson's TV Dinners. They had that sort of 50's kitsch value to them with their five little compartments of food, but it was never great food. Then there was Lean Cuisine. Better presentation. Still mediocre food at best. Today for lunch I'm eating a Taj Ethnic Gourmet meal from Whole Foods Market. This particular entree is Chicken Tikka Masala. Now granted, this isn't quite as good as the Chicken Tikka Masala from good Indian restaurants like Janta, but it's such a far cry from the Salisbury Steak of my youth that it just astounds me. I dumped the brown rice (with a hint of spices and tumeric) into the chicken and sauce and it's instant hot yummy real food straight from the microwave. I'm looking forward to tasting the other dishes that Ethnic Gourmet makes. I've also become rather hooked on the vegetarian/vegan meals that Amy's Kitchen makes. They make a really nice Broccoli pot pie and a yummy Shepherds pie that make great lunches. There's also another company called Celetano's. They specialize in frozen Italian dishes, but this isn't your average Stouffer's lasagna. Their stuffed shells is better than I've had in many restaurants. And they print pictures of all the ingredients on the box just to illustrate what isn't in there. And that's true for each of these frozen meal makers. None of them put in weird preservatives and flavorings. It's made pretty much the way you'd make it at home, then frozen. Plus Celentano's does most of their entrees in both vegetarian and non-dairy vegan varieties. I can't go as far as vegan myself, but this is great for others. All of these options sure make eating better tasting more healthy foods cheaper and easier.


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