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Friday, March 16, 2001

I finally get my car back in the morning!!! It went into the shop for body repairs on Monday, and I've been driving a little Chevy Metro all week. Yikes what a car! I don't know who they designed it for. As a person of small stature (5'1 3/4"), I should be able to use a small little car like that with ease, but oddly enough, the radio is very difficult to reach without sitting forward in my seat. There's plenty of headroom above me, but there's not lots of extra leg room really. The other thing that's odd about it is where they chose to cut corners. For instance, the car has air conditioning, but it doesn't have a light in the trunk which has turned out to be fairly problematic. Very odd. I'll be so happy to have my baby Saturn back. Eostre is a good little car. And I just love her third door.


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