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Monday, March 05, 2001

So Kevin is right. The F Street house is fabulous, but it would take just too much work to make it happen. It's too pricey. It's not in keen enough condition (although it's in pretty good condition all in all) for our intentions. And the current owners, though wonderful folks, are planning to build a place on the lot next door and clearly love the place far too much to let it go properly. And we didn't win the Lotto draw on Saturday, so the thought of making that place a life project and not having to work in the office-based sense aren't really an option at this point.

But my god it was inspiring! Walking around the first floor alone was enough to nearly have me in tears. Luckily I had sobered up by the time we got up to the third floor, but it was everything you imagine a palatial estate to be. Rich warm wood adorned everything. The fireplace glowed and beckoned you to come sit by it and sip brandy or some other equally upper-crust beverage. The dining room was fit for the best formal gatherings. The billiard room looked out onto a small garden that just screamed of exquisite decrepitude. Lush green plants wove in and out of loosened brick pathways surrounding the bird bath full of more green growth. All of the rooms on the second floor could be accessed by the main hallway, or by going from room to room through connecting doorways. The third floor was unremarkable, much like an attic converted to rooms as an afterthought. The basement was both a joy and a disappointment. It was musty and crowded with junk and the acoustic tile ceiling utterly spoiled any charm it once had. The dance floor had been covered up in beige carpet save for one small 6x8 rectangle betraying the magic that was beneath. A few jig steps on that spot told me how much I wanted to rip this carpet out and restore the room and castigate the stupid humans who had no idea what they had. It was utterly heartbreaking. Had that one section of the house held any of the majesty of the floor above, turning away back to our normal lives would've been much harder. What would it be like to have Gaskells' Ball at your home? I will never know.


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