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Tuesday, March 13, 2001

Too much to do and not enough days to do it in and still get enough sleep. I'm not complaining mind you. I've never had it so good. I've got a great job that makes reasonable demands on my time and I'm free to do all the other things I've ever wanted to do. I'm finally learning Morris Dance. I'm dancing Mondays at the Plough. This weekend I learned an early version of the Can-Can. It was a Regency quadrille where clearly a French guy went to Ireland, said to himself, "This dancing is cool!" and came home and taught his interpretation of what he saw. Also this weekend Rick and I went to Watercourse Way for a good soak followed by an English Chorale performance at the Memorial Church. After the performance, we stopped by Gelato Classico for a treat. By the end of the evening, my day felt so utterly decadent. It was great. We had intended to finally make a pilgrimage to Rick's Rather Rich, but in seeking out their address, I stumbled across a review of the Gelato Classico. It's been a couple of years since I've had good gelato, and this was the closest I've had to anything like gelato in Florence.

So pretty much I've been wandering around for the past couple of days thinking to myself, "This is it. This is the life." Maybe I should change the title of this weblog from "Almost There" to "Whew!"

So of course, many of my friend's lives are falling apart. The upside here is that currently I'm equipped to help them deal with it. There is that one magic quantity I still seem to be lacking enough of though: time.

One thing weird I heard on the radio last night (NPR) was about how communities in the south bay are struggling to keep a sense of community and so forth because people just don't have time for anything but work. I still think that some folks have some reprioritizing to do if that's the case. The one thing I could take out of that report was that I don't really do anything within my home area community, but I consider the entire bay area as my community and I consider my home as the safe place where I keep all of my stuff and where I rest. This weekend I'm dancing at a Brewfest in San Rafael, then driving down to Campbell to dance at the King's Head pub. On Sunday I'm heading up to the city to make bells for Morris dancing. See, I think the definition of community has changed. My community (or communities, really) are those that are dance related. It's not geographic beyond the level of, "No I can't do that because it's too far to drive." The centerpiece of place location does nothing for me because I don't own my own home and I move fairly often. For me and many others in my generation, community has to be more flexible than a me and myneighbors sort of focus. It doesn't mean at all that I don't have a community. Heck, there's talk right now of finding investors for a warehouse to be converted to dance space somewhere in the East Bay. When I say East Bay, I mean anywhere from Hayward to Milpitas. The place matters much less than the people it gathers.

I'm done ranting on that topic now. Have I mentioned lately how much I love the weather in this area? Too many more gorgeous days like this and I'll start thinking that $800k isn't really all that much for a two bedroom house. Not!


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