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Tuesday, March 20, 2001

Well I see now that my previous post didn't actually fail. It was just... uh... delayed? I dunno. It's kind of interesting as a study of how someone writes the same information in a slightly different way when given two chances to write it. This reminds me of the thing I heard on Fresh Air the other day when they were interviewing Aerosmith and Steven Tyler accidentally left the lyrics to Walk This Way in the taxi on the way to the studio. Since it was being recorded that day, he recreated them all in an hour or so before recording it while in the stairwell on the fourth floor of the studio. This also always reminds me of the way epic poetry was remembered. It was not remembered and retold verbatim each time. It was recreated by the story teller each time. The idea of being able to repeat something word-for-word is a totally modern idea. This was even true for actors in Shakespeare's time. They memorized the major events of the story, some of the choicer phrases, but not the whole play word for word. It just wasn't even thought of as the way to do things until the 19th century. Funny that. Now we can be quoted on anything we say and held to it word for word for all eternity. Interesting. Glad I'm not George W. Bush. That guy can seem to get through a sentence coherantly.


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