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Monday, April 16, 2001

Headed up to Sacramento for a haircut this weekend. It may sound insane to drive two and a half hours to see your hairdresser, but having never walked away with a bad haircut from Jennifer, and after a lifetime of bad haircuts from everyone else, that is worth it's weight in gasoline.

While in town, we got a chance to go looking at a few music stores and browse a couple of open houses in Land Park. Rick and I are starting to toss around the idea of buying a place. With interest rates so low and housing prices leveling off/falling around here, I think it's time to start getting the ground work laid at the very least. This means finding a realtor, getting pre-qualified for a mortgage, and shopping around. One thing I wanted to find out was just how much the market in Sacramento had changed. For better or worse, it's changed a lot. Prices have really gone up. The good news is that I feel better about paying an absurd price for a place in the bay because it's not really that much different than what we'd pay in Sacramento. The bad news is that Sacramento is no longer the obvious fall back market that it once was. Oh well. All the more reason to stay put and get settled in here. Now if only we could find an acceptable place (2 bedrooms, 1.5 or more baths, in Santa Clara or Mtn. View. or someplace like that) at an acceptable price (around $300,000). I never imagined that I would be considering paying $300,000 for a condo. Wacky.

In other news, we went to Tate's annual Easter party. It was a bit disappointing really. The Sacramento group seems to be really thinning out and going their separate ways. We had our annual egg hunt at least. Everyone puts a promise (or two or three) in a plastic egg. Then Terri hid them and we all found as many as we'd hid. I found a Sushi party from Jeff, and a 3 yummie quiche-like things from Christyn.

On the way home, I read to Rick from Sarah Vowell's book "Take the Canolli". Somehow when I read her book, I channel her voice. It's a weird combination of Oklahoma/North Carolina/Chicago that somehow spews forth. I guess I just really wish it was her reading it on This American Life or something.

I'm off to the Project Fair now. You remember the science fairs in junior high school? Well it's just like that, complete with trifold foam board displays that have been carefully crafted from a combination of charts and graphs and glue sticks. It's all very strange, and truly something only academia could generate. Even in this context, there's the kid who's parent helped him so his project is way cooler than everyone else's. The Delphi project has a Prophecy Wheel and custom fortune cookies. All my project has a lame old demo I made with PowerPoint. At least we brought candy so maybe someone will look at our stuff. Whoa, now I'm channelling my 7th grade self. Egad.


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