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Wednesday, April 18, 2001

I can't believe I didn't know this before now. Queen Victoria, THE Queen Victoria (as in the one that the entire Victorian era is named after) shares my birthday. Now sure, it's no big deal, but all my life on my birthday, I always look in the paper and see the people listed who are born the same day, or some such silliness, and I've never seen that before! In fact, there was never anyone particularly interesting born on my birthday. Apparently that's only true for this century. Okay, to be fair to Bob Dylan fans, it's almost cool to be born the same day as him, but the only other person who's name I recognize played Radar O'Reily on MASH. Sheesh. If I'd known about this sooner, maybe I'd have some explanation for why I enjoy Victorian events and costuming and houses and furniture so much. As it stands, now it's just a wacky coincidence. See what casual browsing of things like memepool will get you?


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