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Monday, April 02, 2001

It was a weekend of comedy for Rick and I. We started out Friday night with Scapin, Fred's latest play at the Busbarn Theater. The show was basically a live cartoon complete with sound effects. The only thing it didn't have was an anvil dropping on someone's head. It was really fun.

The next day we had the Clue/Kill Doctor Lucky/Clue party that I've been wanting to have for ages. This involved watching Clue, playing Clue, and playing Kill Doctor Lucky. Everyone came as their favorite murderer or Clue character. Rick was the butler and I was Mrs. Peacock. The food turned out great. I started cooking around noon and by 7:00, I had single handedly turned out a vegetarian broccoli cheddar quiche, a roasted turkey with stuffing, sauteed broccoli with onions and almonds, guyere-garlic-sherry fondue with veggies, sourdough, and rosemary bread for dipping, sweet french bread with tomato, basil, and fresh mozarella, cream of tomato soup, chocolate mousse, and fresh fruit with whipped cream. Meanwhile, Rick cleaned the house from top to bottom. He's such a sweetie. He cleaned all three bathrooms all by himself, vacuumed, dusted, took care of the kitty litter. Heck, he did it all. I can't believe I get to keep him. Woohoo!

On Sunday, we finally went to see The Emperor's New Groove, which was surprisingly good. I actually didn't plan to see this one, and I'm a Disney fan, but several friends said that it was really really funny, and they were right. It was a major step up from Hercules. The humor was at a level that was fun for adults as well as the kids they took with them. I'm glad I finally went to see it. Sure, it was a simple tale, but the jokes were good, and that's what this weekend was really all about.


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