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Monday, April 02, 2001

Oh. My. God. Christian Chewing Gum. Wow.

So lately I've been troubled by Christianity. This is nothing new, the noise level about it in my head has just been higher than average. First, my cousin Wendy sent this note to me and a few of my friends. Then Kevin wrote a great reply which he sent only to me and Ray. His reply pretty well summed up my feelings on the subject. It's making me crazy that Wendy thinks that she should be getting married at 20 to a guy who can't even spell so that he can control her and she can cook and clean for him because that's what god wants. Ugh. So there's that, and then there's the annual Easter/Eostara holiday which always makes me reflect on just how hypocritcal Christians are. I guess I have to respect the Jehovah's Witnesses on some tiny level for their rejection of pagan symbolism. At least they know enough about their religion to notice that Easter Eggs and Easter bunnies are pagan symbols. Then there was the arrest of the murderer who shot the doctor in his own home to stop him from performing abortions. All of these things together cause my hatred of Christianity to burble to the surface. It just makes me ill to think of how many people have suffered and died by celebrating the suffering and death of one man. Of course, that doesn't even cover the destruction of the Buddha statues by the Taliban or the fighting in the mid-east between the Jews and Muslims over Israel/Palestine. It makes me crazy to think of all the suffering in the world caused by religion. Well, not crazy. Mostly just sad.


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