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Wednesday, April 18, 2001

So I bought a violin last night. Yes, I know I bought a cello just last year, but I have an actual plan for learning to play fiddle. I'm going to Lark in the Morning camp in August and one of the ever so tempting classes is Beginning Fiddle. So that's the big plan, at least to start out. The bigger news associated with that is that Rick bought a bass. This completely destroyed my evil plan to get him one for his birthday, but the upside is that he gets to play with it five months sooner. The groovy little music store we found is on Stevens Creek at San Tomas. They have violins (with a nice case, bow, and rosin) for $149.99. Rick bought his bass, a very nice used Zion, for $199. We've looked around quite a bit, and those prices definitely couldn't be beat.

I also went to the optometrist yesterday to get my vision checked. The one part of that visit I always fear is the eye dilation thing, but they didn't do that this time. Instead, they numbed my eyes with this bizarre yellow drops. Not only did I have bright yellow tears for a while, but my eyes felt like they'd been to the dentist. Bleck! I hope I never have a stroke because I don't like the feeling of numbness. I know that's an oxymoron, but really, it feels creepy!


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