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Tuesday, April 24, 2001

So my dear beloved car has a problem with her clutch. I'm not sure why, but something went wrong. As a result, I've spent the past two days driving an SUV. (Aiiiiiiigh!!!!) I've never really driven an SUV before because I think they are evil, but when I went into Enterprise to get a loaner car, they were all out of everything but a Chrysler Sebring and this Isuzu Trooper 2. I figured it wasn't truly fair to hate something you've never fully experienced, so I took the Trooper. Big mistake. There is very little good about this vehicle. It gets poor gas mileage. It has poor visibility for anything near the ground. It is woefully oversized for the average parallel parking spot. And it feels like it's about to flip over on the cloverleaf to get on the freeway. I have to hop and pull myself up on the steering wheel to get into it. And it really handles like my dad's 1979 Olds Ninety-Eight. It's got sloppy power steering. It's got no guts for acceleration.

I can now say with full indemnity that I have no idea why anyone would buy one of these ridiculous vehicles. Everyone always says they feel safer being up high, but that doesn't really compute. It feels like it would flip over if you ever have to move quickly to avoid a problem on the freeway. I love my car because it's low to the ground and nimble. I can get whereever I need to be fairly painlessly, and I have room to get out of the way of marauding SUV drivers who think they don't have to pay attention because their car will protect them if they get in an accident.

I'm really looking forward to having my car back tomorrow. I love my Saturn. I just wish it were a hybrid vehicle.


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