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Monday, April 09, 2001

You know, I wish weblogs/Blogger had existed back in 1997. I really wanted to write down and publish my day to day life back then. It was so surreal. I was living in Los Angeles, teaching high school in The Valley, and driving home to northern California at least twice a month. It were strange times. I really bonded with I-5 during that time and I figured I'd eventually write a book called 5 & I. Now as time passes and that becomes a more distant memory, the likelihood of that ever happening is getting lower and lower. It's too bad really. Sometime I'll have to tell my L.A. Story here. One night in L.A. with my friend Suzi, Mr. Hernandez, the counselor at my school, three clubs, heroin, gunfire, and 76 Trombones led the big parade. Whew. Sometime when I've got time to really tell it.


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