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Tuesday, May 22, 2001

Good news! My friend John wrote back and we've got plans for the weekend. So life is good.

And life is good in other ways too. Rick sent me flowers at work. I love that. It's too expensive, but every once in a while it really brightens my day. And for some bizarre reason, my day needed brightening.

It's weird, but my monthly hormonal cycles have gotten much louder since I was pregnant. I figured they'd go back to normal after a while, but a year and a half later, they're as loud and obnoxious as can be. I spend one week a month bleeding, two weeks a month feeling relatively normal, and one week as the most irritable, bitchy, depressed, grumpy soul I can imagine. Half time functionality just doesn't work too well as far as I'm concerned. What's worse is that in that week of grumpiness, I often end up saying, thinking, and doing things in ways that I would never ordinarily do. I wish I could figure out what the deal is.


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