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Wednesday, May 09, 2001

Hee hee! Only 15 days until my birthday. Some would say I'm too old to be happy about celebrating my birthday, but this has been a good year and a good celebration is a good way to ring in another good year in the life. So, Rick and I are going to Vegas to see Mystere and O for my birthday. Meanwhile, Wishlist has again reminded me that I have a wishlist out there for anyone to see. Today I added a new toy to it. My favorite radio program, This American Life, is finally offering their programs for download rather than just streaming media. You can download them cheaply from The one catch is that to get them to the car from the desktop requres either a laptop, or a portable device specifically for such a use. The Rio 500 seems like a good device for the money. For $49, the price of one or maybe two books on tape, you get this player and you can download anything from Audible to it. Very cool. Today I listened to Robin Williams interviewing George Lucas from Audible for free. Now I'm totally jazzed about their stuff. Unfortunately, their stock is hovering around a dollar. I hope they don't go belly up.


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