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Monday, May 21, 2001

I got just what I needed this weekend. I had a nice relaxing weekend. On Saturday, Rick went off to Planet Granite for Bill Batty's Bachelor Party. Unfortunately the party didn't catch up to him there until a couple of hours later. Nonetheless, this gave me plenty of time to do a couple of piddly things around the house, run out and do some much needed shopping, and dye my head. My hair came out a lovely shade of purple-red this time. Very cool. I wish I could get it to come out just right like that more often. On Sunday we went to see Shrek. It was great fun, and I'm looking forward to seeing it again just to study the artwork a little more. We saw it at the Grand Lake Theater, which I still find to be my very favorite theater around. It combines the style of an old fashioned movie palace, and the best sound system I've heard anywhere. Plus, it's right there on Grand Avenue so there are plenty of great restaurants within a block or two of the theater. Six of us started the day with breakfast down the street at Lyn & Lu's. Then Fredrik and Shauna joined us for the movie. I love big movie outings like that. We also went to see The Mummy Returns on Sunday night with Thomas. From the trailer, it looks like Final Fantasy is going to rapidly overtake Shrek for the best computer generated animation out there. Shrek has other things going for it as well though. It's a good story with lots of laughs and an ending that I can appreciate. (The moral of the story is that there's more to life than being thin and beautiful.)

Still, the movie I'm dying to see is Moulin Rouge. Nicole Kidman in a corset. Need I say more.


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