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Wednesday, May 30, 2001

I've been having one of those days where you just want to strangle the development team at Microsoft, or at least punch Bill Gates. Specifically in this case, the PowerPoint developers. The cool thing about PowerPoint is that it fills your screen with it's presentation. When you convert it to HTML through their Save as html function, it turns it into this nasty three frame p.o.s. that you navigate through by clicking each slide on the left hand column. Now all I want out of life is for it to fill a browser frame the same way it fills a computer screen when in View Show mode, and preferably for it to advance to the next slide the same way it does as well. Here's the catch: it does the three frame think in PowerPoint 2000, but in PowerPoint 97, it dosn't. In fact it does almost everything I want there. So now I've got to have my tech come reinstall the 97 version and I lose the other functionality I wanted in 2000. I still don't understand what the developers were thinking. By the time this came out in 2000, everyone had figured out that frames were evil. But instead of improving on the way things worked in 97, they started over and came up with something much worse. Mergle.


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