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Monday, May 07, 2001

Well, last week was the most dance-intensive week I've had in years. On Sunday I danced with Reel Rabble. That's where I twisted my ankle. Rather than resting it for a week or so like I would have normally, I went to the Plough on Monday to practice the Hallucination Jig and dance during the general session. The next morning I got up at 4:30 to head up to Twin Peaks to dance up the sun. Then I went to Morris reheasal on Thursday. Saturday night I went to the Sleeping Beauty Ball to perform the Hallucination Jig and just generally dance at the ball. Then I got up the next morning and headed to Golden Gate Park to do a Morris performance. Tonight I'm headed back to the Plough to dance some more. My poor little footsies are hating life at the moment!

So can I just say for a moment what I great guy I live with. Last night we were headed home from San Francisco. With so much dancing this week, our house is a total disaster. There are dishes from a week ago, laundry strewn every which way, and general flotsam and clutter in every room. Lots of that flotsam is bits of dance costumes from the week. So on our way home last night, Rick expresses that he really doesn't feel like cleaning the house tonight and doesn't feel like doing laundry. Instead he suggests that he'll take care of it tonight while I'm at the Plough and that we should just head home, soak my feet, he'll give me a massage, and then we can head to bed early. Talk about an offer no girl could refuse! No, please, really, I just have to do the laundry tonight! I can't possibly not do dishes today! NOT. Feet soaked, body rubbed, and well slept, I'm ready to take on this week. And I'm glad it's just a little less dance-intensive.


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