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Thursday, June 14, 2001

Last night I went to Ross, and standing in the inevitable tediously long line, the girl behind me was talking about Pearl Harbor. She had high praise for it. "It was so sad!" she exclaimed to her mother. Eventually the woman behind her started talking about it with her, thus breaking the unwritten rule of looking forward in line and not talking to the people around you. I said, "Have you seen Moulin Rouge yet?" ready to gush about how great it was. She wrinkled her nose and said, "Ugh, I couldn't stand that movie. I walked out after 20 minutes." I argued that she didn't give it enough of a chance to get into it. The girl behind her said, "That wouldn't help." Okay, whatever. I just don't get it. Again, I feel myself the on the fringe trying to explain to everyone why my impressions of the universe aren't completely whacked. Oh well. If that's the popular impression, I guess I'll just have to accept it and watch Moulin Rouge spiral down the top ten into oblivion. There goes all hope for a new fashion trend. And I was really hoping for the red and green plaid stockings one of the can-can girls had. Drat it.

Meanwhile, shopping at Ross was an interesting exploration of current fashion. I got several great skirts because cute little skirts seem to be all the rage suddenly. It's fabulous. After years of struggling to find a single decent skirt in one shoping trip, I walked away with four. Vibrant colors and lengths that are either knee length or slightly longer are available in abundance. Gone are the oversized men's t-shirts in favor of cute little baby-doll tees in a rainbow of colors. Sure, there's still way too much 70's crap and polyester, but that can be avoided. Another interesting item was all the little peasant shirts. Remember those from the 80's? Well, they're back, mostly sans ruffles. They've got drawstring necks and sleeves. Some are made in traditional bubble gauze or crinkle cotton, but some are being made out of thin t-shirt knit. It's very odd. I'd be curious to wander onto a high school campus and see what's really being worn. Anyway, even with my ever increasing girth (which seems to be getting worse rather than better), I still found a ton of cute clothes to get me through the summer, all for less than a $100 investment. Hooray!


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