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Monday, June 11, 2001

Well here's to weekends gone awry. I started out with a fairly grand plan in mind. We'd go to the wedding, then hang out with Liz and Josh, then head to Gaskells and have Sunday to putter around the house. Of course, very little of that actually came to pass. We did go to the wedding. It was fine. Wendy sang in an early part of the ceremony and I was really amazed at how her voice has matured. She really could have a recording career in Christian music if she wanted to go for it. We headed over to Liz & Josh's place where Rick promptly fell asleep for two hours while I hung out, chatted, and played cards. It was nice to catch up with them. Liz is one of my very favorite people on the planet and I love spending time with her and Josh. They're just such good people. When Rick roused himself, he mentioned again that he needed to go out to his dad's place to help him set up the arcade game he bought from the surplus Midway stuff. So he dropped me off at my grandparents and I went to dinner with my mom, my grandparents, and my cousin Debbie and her husband Ken. Debbie and I, though only second cousins, are clearly cut from the same cloth. She's nearly twenty years older than me, but we are both flat chested, brown haired, blue eyed, freckle faced, bubble butted women who gain weight in exactly the same places and proportions. Standing next to one another, you'd guess us to be sisters in a heartbeat. And though she's twenty years older than me, she doesn't look more than ten years older on the outside, which blessedly seems to be a fairly consistent family trait. My mom doesn't look 52. My grandmother doesn't look 75 (and she still dances and plays tennis every week). It bodes well for my potential to age gracefully. Also, Debbie and I just seem to have very similar personalities and temperaments. She married for the first time when she was 42 after a very independent single life. If I knew her better, I'd say she could've been a role model. Unfortunately, being a relatively distant cousin, I only see her at weddings and the occasional holiday.

Anyway, when Rick got back from his dad's place, we realized that there really was no hope for making it to Gaskells. We headed out of my grandparent's place around 9:00 and tried to catch Liz and Josh again. After some phone tag, we decided to head to the theater for either a 10:20 showing of Moulin Rouge or a 10:25 of Evolution. Now, having gotten used to life in the Bay Area, I said, "Well, whichever one isn't sold out is the one we'll go to." Life in Sacramento is a bit mellower to say the least. Neither was sold out. More than that, the theater didn't accept credit or debit cards. And they didn't have any self-service ticket kiosks. It was weird. They wanted cash. It was so weird. Now, luckily Rick had been thinking ahead and had cash on hand. I just wandered through the lobby saying, "Really, you don't accept credit cards? Weird." I'm so very used to the AMC theaters down by us, and I suppose spoiled. We ended up seeing Moulin Rouge again and I caught a whole lot more detail this time through. It really is a great film. I'm also convinced now that I have to buy the soundtrack (as well as the DVD when it comes out). We also got to see a trailer for Planet of the Apes, which surprisingly looks very interesting. Of course, with Tim Burton at the helm, my doubts were only small. Still, the question pounded in my head: Why? That hasn't been fully answered yet, but I'm at least looking forward to seeing it now.

The next morning we packed up the car and headed out of town with one minor detour on the way. We went to the Sound of Music Sing-Along. It was really fun. First, it was fun to see the movie on the big screen. Second, it was great to see it without commercials. Third, it was great to see it in an irreverent setting that seemed borrowed directly from Rocky Horror Picture Show. After my years in the cast of RHPS at Birdcage walk, I was ready to be the noisiest player in the game. I waved my curtain fabric and edelweiss. I popped my party popper at Maria and the Captain's first kiss. Still, I had to give it to the folks who had planned ahead and dressed up. I especially liked our Uncle Max (who took first place) and the Lonely Goatherd. We sang our hearts out and screamed our commentary. All in all, it makes me want to borrow a projector and host a RHPS reunion night. The bad news is that I don't think I could still fit into my old Columbia costume.

We stopped by Pescados for a couple of fish tacos and then hit the trail, back home to Santa Clara where I can buy movie tickets at a self serve kiosk using my credit card. It's great to be home!


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