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Tuesday, June 19, 2001

Wow. Life is a roller coaster. Sure, it's all even in the end, but the ups and downs could kill you.

Yesterday I came into work after a very happy weekend filled with friends, fun, games, and dance. The Looneys came out from back east to visit and play games. They professed to have a really good time, which was great. Lots of folks came to the party, including Ingrid from my Morris dance team. I made my famous chili and got rave reviews. Andy taught us a new game that he's prototyping right now that was lots of fun and which I wished I'd had when I was teaching English. Tigger was the star of the party though. And the next morning the Looneys took a great photo of her watching television. We headed for breakfast at Hobees with the Looneys (which turns out to include Andy, Kristin, and Allison), and then sent them on their way. After some minor traffic drama, arrived at the folk fest to participate in classes on creating no-sew ballgowns, Victorian polka variations, and lindy/charleston. It was great fun. After that we had a delicious burrito at El Faro. The California burrito there has rice, zuchini, onions, and sweet red peppers. It's the best vegetarian burrito I've ever encountered. Then we headed to Goat Hall for a night of dancing with Ingrid and her friends. It turned out great. There were just enough people there to keep it interesting, and everyone was really eager to learn. Plus it was a great opportunity for me to teach some silly dances from Gaskells/Dickens and to dance to some of my favorite old tunes from D.A. Afterward we retired to the Connecticut Yankee for drinks and half the table played a viscious game of Fluxx while the other half talked of everything from education to politics to porn. It was great. The next day I headed back to the festival and danced myself silly, learning everything from Cape Breton Social and Step dance to Old Israeli Folk dance to English Longsword. Add to that a morning of dancing to the Brassworks and a beginning fiddle class and finish it off with teaching about 60 people basic Irish Ceili dance and it was a good day.

Yesterday didn't go quite so well. A bad night's sleep made a bad day even worse. The worst part of all though was that I lost my boss. Wynn, the best boss I've ever had in my professional career, was reassigned to the Delphi project. It's the right thing to do for him and for the project, but it's the last thing I wanted. Wynn was so easy to get along with, so easy to work with, and so easy to communicate with, that I'm feeling this loss profoundly. Basically, the Persona campus readiness team is formed and taking off. Wynn assembled a great team that seems to really click together. So now, he's been reassigned to do the same thing for the Delphi project. Val is taking over our team, which is much better than having and outsider come in and try to rule us, but I'm not completely certain about my faith in her managerial skills. Time will tell I suppose.

What is that curse? May you lead an interesting life. Yeah.


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