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Friday, June 01, 2001

Y'know, sometimes my life just isn't all that exciting. I was thinking I'd best write something before the end of the week, but nothing came up. Mergle.

This weekend we're planning to go see Moulin Rouge. I've been really looking forward to this movie for a good long time. Add to that that it's showing at the Grand Lake Theater and consider me stoked! Now we just have to figure out a good time. Nicole Kidman in a corset in the Grand Lake Theater. Yup. Sometimes life is good. Now the only question that remains is whether I should break out my corset for the occasion.

While we were in Vegas we saw this shop that had the cutest little baroque style light corsets. So I poked my head in to look at the price tag. I was completely blown away to find them charging $459 for them off the rack. For that money I can get (and have gotten) a custom made corset from Dark Garden. I don't think I will ever understand mainstream fashion. The other thing I saw that just blew me away was in the Armani store. It was a cute skirt out of a gossamer polyester fabric with flounces down the front of the skirt. Handling it for thirty seconds or so I noticed two things. One, even I with my very limited sewing skills could turn out a skirt just like it in about two hours. Two, they wanted $259 for it. Yah. Whatever. The only real reason I never learned to make my own clothes is that the fabrics sold in the fabric stores are usually atrocious. Anything not atrocious is at least $20 a yard and scarce. For $20 with no labor I can buy acceptable clothes off the rack from Ross. Like I said. I'll never understand mainstream fashion.


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