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Tuesday, July 03, 2001

As long as we're on the nostalgia bandwagon, last night as I drove home I heard a familiar little tune on the radio. It seems that Disneyland has finally recognized that they prematurely retired the Main St. Electrical Parade and have brought it back. Not to Main Street, but to California Adventure. OK, whatever. Nonetheless, this will definitely motivate some die hard fans to plan a weekend trip.

Now if only Disneyland would do something to actually replace MSEP on Main Street. Their last few attempts have been dismal at best. Light Magic was a total flop. Touring the day parades at night is just kind of lame. Sometimes it seems like the real heyday of Disneyland showmanship was about ten years ago when they came up with Fantasmic and the Lion King Parade. Both of those were masterpieces. Now if only they would bring back the Lion King parade.


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