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Wednesday, July 11, 2001

Clearly life is getting busier around the office since my entries here have become fewer and farther between. Never fear! I plan to keep writing all the trivial details of my life down even if no one else cares.

This weekend was Waltz Weekend at Stanford. This is an event I've been hearing about for years, had always wanted to take, and I was finally in the right place at the right time when it was announced and had the money, so with all the planets alligned, I signed up. It turned out to be every bit as fabulous as I'd expected. Rick also signed up but realized after the first ten minutes that he wasn't going to be up to the class. After the class that day, I asked Richard (the instructor) if it would be allright for me to bring someone in his place, but Richard suggested that he just refund Rick's tuition because there were already a couple more men than women and it would ultimately help the gender balance. So, Rick ended up staying home for the weekend and starting to build a PC for his car. (Don't ask. You can't imagine the level of super-geek this entails.) Meanwhile, I spent the next two days dancing with fifty different guys and learning everything from cross step waltz, to Valse Muzette and Java (1920's Parisian variations), to Zwiefacher variations (those wacky Germans!), to pivot turns, and so many variations that I can only remember about half of even now. It was so much fun. And another odd little perk of the weekend was that cross step waltz finally worked the last kink out of my back from my fall a few weeks ago. Woohoo!

So yesterday my grandparents came to visit. And they brought me a new sofa. Okay, so that sounds a little odd, but here's what happened. Back around Christmas my grandparents ordered a new sofa for their home: blue leather with recliner seats on either end. It sounded positively tacky to me, but it turned out to look really nice. The catch was that when they brought it home, the back of it was too high to work in their living room. So they tried to return it and found that there was a no returns policy, which was a big surprise. So then they tried to sell it. And finally they decided to give it away. Only no one wanted it. I initially said I didn't want it because just five years earlier my grandparents had recovered my sofa and it is great. Still, when I went up to see them around the time of Wendy's wedding, I saw the sofa and it's really nice. So I figured I could bring my current sofa to the office, take the new one, and be the girl with the most cool sofas. Or something like that. So yesterday my grandparents came to visit and brought the sofa. And they brought veggies. Oh boy. My grandpa has a garden that's much closer to a small farm. He brought 15 ears of corn, a flat of tomatoes, three cantaloupes, two zucchinni, a mess of green beans, some black-eyed peas, and several bunches of grapes. I'm really not sure how I'm going to eat it all. It's going to be fun to try though. It was nice to finally be able to show them where Rick and I live, and to show them around Stanford. They were really impressed with the main quad and the Memorial Church. We happened to bump into a walking tour that was designed for a group of high school juniors who are shopping for their next school. We joined in and got to hear some of the Stanford trivia. After that we went home and tested out the recliners on the new sofa. Grandpa took a long noisy nap and grandma and I walked to the market to pick up a couple of little things to fill out the dinner menu. I ended up making chow mein, green curry with chicken, onions, and zucchini, pot stickers, and broccoli chicken, plus an ear of corn for everyone. Yummy. We finished off with fresh strawberries and canteloupe for dessert. I love summer in California.


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