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Thursday, July 12, 2001

Feh. Late night again. Looks like this will be the week of late nights. Today a duel flamed up that means that I've got to have a major solution ready to go sooner rather than later. And it may all end up going unused in the long run anyway. I hate that. There are two project teams implementing PeopleSoft at Stanford: one for the Student Administration side and one for the HRMS side. The person who has done e-learning before on the SA side has always used Macromedia Director to create shockwave CBTs. I want to do something mellower in Dreamweaver. She has written up a pros and cons list that makes Director look like the way to go. So, my day has been spent replying to that and accelerating the production of my CBT in Dreamweaver. Do I want to fight this fight? Dreamweaver isn't the perfect solution, but Director doesn't resolve any of the issues I'm having and is far more expensive to buy for everyone and produces material that won't work for everyone. Ugh. I hate these kind of battles. I always end up looking bad. Add to this the politics of new managers for both of our teams and life is getting pretty tense around here. So I'm going to go home and recline on my new sofa. Yup.


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