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Monday, July 02, 2001

I am so terrified that this will suck beyond all reason that I nearly dare not mention it. Nearly. My favorite tv show as a kid wasn't something like the Brady Bunch or the Facts of Life. I've always loved sci-fi. My favorite show was Battlestar Galactica. My dog Rover got to play Muffy in our backyard on many occasions. So now, after years of rather bizarre efforts on the part of the chap who used to play Apollo, it looks like Battlestar is coming back to tv. Now, as we've learned from Star Wars Episode One, more isn't always better. I think something was actually lost by giving us Episode One in all it's Jar Jar Binks glory. Still, I'm going to have to watch it. I hope they bring back Starbuck. I think Dirk Benedict truly was my first Hollywood crush. Heck, he was the ONLY reason I ever bothered to watch the A Team in later years. Sigh. Gives my little heart a flutter. Looks bad for those hopes though according to


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