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Monday, July 16, 2001

I saw Final Fantasy on Saturday. I actually liked it more than I thought I would. The plot, though imperfect, was actually engaging. Any holes in the plot were easily overlooked as you got sucked into just looking at the movie. No, these animated characters weren't perfect replicas of real human actors, but it definitely took a lot of analysis to figure out what exactly wasn't quite right. It wasn't the motion of their bodies, which is the traditional dead giveaway for me. It was much smaller things like their hand gestures weren't quite perfectly fluid. And one some of the characters, their mouths looked sort of rubbery when they spoke. This was especially true of Neil, a character voiced by Steve Buscemi. It was less true of Sid, the elder scientist. I think Sid's skin and face were as close to real as anyone, followed closely by Aki. There were other little things that weren't quite right, but those get into the level of triviality that I don't even bother to mention.

The bad guy in the film is voiced by James Woods, but looks like a dead ringer for Rob Lowe in Wayne's World. On the other end of the spectrum, Aki looks like no Hollywood actress out there. A pleasant suprise to me was that she was relatively flat-chested. Coming from a video game background, I expected some utterly ridiculous breasts on this character. The film has a very Japanese feel to it, especially in the storyline.

I was surprised today to find that Final Fantasy only took fourth place at the box office this weekend. Anyone who saw the preview must have wanted to see it. Of course, when have I ever been a good judge of movies that will be hits? Uh, never. Sigh.


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