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Monday, July 02, 2001

Okay, so clearly my brain checked out on keeping up with this last week. Every day it was, "Geez, I've got to save a few minutes tomorrow to write." Never happened, which is a pity considering what a wacky wild week it was.

On Wednesday I went to the Irish Set dancing class at Scruffy Murphy's for the first time. I was amazed at how warm and friendly the group was. I mentioned that I'd done some Irish dance at the Plough and the instructor said, "Well then, I'll have to dance with you for the first dance!" Panic quickly set in since there is a distinct style difference between ceili and set dancing. I've only done set dancing once or twice in my life. Still, after the first dance, the instructor was convinced I was a good dancer and ready to try for the advanced stuff. Uh, okay. And it was fun. Really fun. Lots of different age levels and skill levels. Kim shuffled through her first few dances. It was great fun. I'll definitely be back in 2 weeks at the next session.

On Thursday, I got together with Emily Q and friends for a belated birthday dinner at a lovely restaurant called Picasso's Tapas. Family owned and run in that charming old world style. They had the best baguettes I've had since Paris. The older gentleman asked if we had called earlier for reservations since he was expecting another group our size. I said no, that we were just here for Em's birthday. He said, "Oh, is she turning 22?" I said no, but that that would flatter her terribly. About five minutes later, he brought out a flaming bread pudding sort of thing while singing Happy Birthday. Emily enjoyed her pudding, which the older gentleman said that his wife makes. It was such a nice meal. I'm looking forward to having another excuse to eat there. The one trouble with the place is parking. Rick was running late, but spent a half hour looking for a place to park and finally giving up in favor of meeting us at the theater where we were going to see Fred's latest play. I had parked on Santa Clara street just down a half block from the restaurant. As we were leaving the restaurant, I had a bit of a near-death experience. While watching the oncoming traffic to find a safe moment to sneak around to my car door, I stepped off the curb, took another step, and then found myself on all fours with my head sticking into traffic. My keys flew about six inches away from my hand and were promptly run over. Picking myself up, I looked behind me to find a small (six inch diameter) access hole for water or sewer or something that was lacking a cover. It even had a nice little plant growing in it. I was remarkably unhurt. My knee was pretty well scraped up, and my right palm had a bit of road rash, but considering what nearly happend or what could've happened, I was pretty happy with the results all in all. I didn't get my head sheared off by an SUV and I didn't break a leg. Just a little bruised, scraped, and a bit of a nasty kink in my back the next morning. My keys even survived being run over. Amazing. We went on to the play, A Midsummer Night's Dream, which was significantly less dramatic than real life for the day.

On Friday, Kevin, Emily, Thomas, Kim, Rick and I went to see A.I. at the Mercado. I bought tickets online through, but I had quite a lot of trouble with it. I ended up doing it in three separate transactions due to problems with the systems. Then there was some scary problems with the credit card information. After all that trouble, we got to the theater and couldn't get our tickets from the self-service kiosks because the terminals were down, so I ended up having to wait in line to get tickets anyway. Gak! Well, at least the movie turned out to be pretty good. Not a masterpiece exactly, but definitely a thinker. And the makeup and special effects were fabulous. I think they should win an award for making Jude Law look not quite human. There was definitely a push and pull between the styles of Spielberg and Kubrick. If it were Kubrick's movie, it would've ended 15 minutes earlier with David praying to the Blue Fairy. Spielberg had to give it a happier ending. Anyway, I'd definitely recommend it to anyone who likes sci-fi, but it's not exactly a general audience film (which is by no means a negative statement). Oh, and bring some Kleenex.

For now, I seem to be fighting a cold. Hopefully I can pull the cotton out of my forebrain this afternoon and get some real work done. Wish me luck.


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