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Friday, July 13, 2001


Driving home the other night, I noticed the fog rolling over the hill just the other side of the freeway from me. It's one of the most beautiful things I can imagine. I've seen this before, but every time it's just spectacular. The most stunning example of this was one day driving up 280 on my way to the Starry Plough with Christyn. The fog was pouring over mountain and splashing and swirling. It was behaving as if it was a liquid. It was so fantastic that I was really thrilled when traffic started slowing down and getting bunched up. Then I could just watch it boil and spin. And then about ten minutes later we had driven far enough north that the fog finally engulfed us, wrapping us in it's damp fingers. I think about times like that and pray that I'll never lose my sight.

I wear glasses for an astigmatism. I can get along just fine without them, but the world has a richer tone and finer distinctions when I do wear them. When I slip them on after not wearing them, the first thing I notice is all of the leaves on the trees. Each one has it's own unique blend of colors and rich variations. Every needle on the pine trees outside my office window blows separately in the breeze.

Several friends of mine are passing through Venice this week. This of course reminds me of my time in Venice. The most amazingly beautifuly sky I've ever seen was in Venice during a summer thunderstorm. The skies were purple. Each lightening bolt revealed gently divergent shades of the richest violet purple you can imagine. As you stood on the piazza looking up, you saw the glory of the structures on the square silhouetted against the stunning artwork of the sky. It was the kind of moment that just makes you want to stand and absorb the falling rain with your arms flung wide.

On the other hand, as part of waltz weekend we did three cross step waltzes with our eyes closed. I've always thought that dance would be one thing I'd lose if I lost my sight, but I realize now that I would merely have to be choosier about my partners. There's a special feeling of release that comes from dancing with your eyes closed. If you can commit to it and enjoy it, it's even more magical than dancing is normally.


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