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Monday, July 30, 2001

Ugh. I'm overwhelmed at work. I'm creating a storyboard for the PeopleSoft Concepts and Navigation WBL course, but I feel like I'm totally out there on my own. I don't have anyone to collaborate with, but everyone is going to have an opinion about my finished product. Bleh. My brain has stalled. Actually this happened late last week, but I wasn't sure if it was actually a stall or if I just needed to come back to it on Monday. Nope. Turns out I'm really stuck. I need to find a way to get this information across without being too text heavy, but while covering a bunch of details I don't feel are necessary to the greater understanding of the system, but which are pet details of those who will be reviewing/judging my work. Finally, it boils down to how do you convey information without words? Pictures is the obvious choice, but then I get dinged for being to graphic heavy. Oy. I'm stuck. There's nothing on my calendar for tomorrow. Maybe I can just spread paper everywhere tomorrow and figure it out that way. Maybe someone else will be around that I can bounce ideas off of. Maybe my brain will have a brilliant idea worked out overnight. Or maybe I'll just get to the end of another day feeling like this again. Bleh.


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