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Wednesday, August 29, 2001

Okay, so I freely admit that my specialty is not web technical stuff. But my website is finally working thanks to a lot of help from my friends. Ray saved my butt today and managed to get the Netscape tables issue worked out for me. I did the happy dance.

There was this guy, and he fixed my website, and I said Weeeeee!

Now I've just got to grab Kev tomorrow and figure out one last javascript thing to deal with the scroll bars issue. I really couldn't have done any of this without Fred and Kevin and Ray to help get me over the tech hurdles. I love my friends.

Last night Kevin and I were standing in Barnes and Noble after dinner at Extreme Pizza (yummy Mr. Pestato Head. mmmmm) looking at the magazines. Right on the cover of a psychology magazine was a teaser for an article called, "Can men and women really be friends?" I turned to Kev and said, "I dunno Kev, whatdya think?" He replies, "Oh no, never!" and we both laughed. One thing I can say about my guy friends: they're far more forgiving than women. Women hold grudges. Ray and I have been to the brink of utter hatred. It culminated with a 51 page report that Ray wrote and delivered to me on how I used to be interesting and cool and how now (then) I was just an evil bitch. We didn't speak to one another for a year. Yet, today I can honestly say he's my hero for the day. Ray's growing up, getting experienced, and really maturing. It's great to see that given time, we all do that. Even me! I love my friends. They're better than family. For all our faults and gaffes, we stick together and grow together. Yay us!

Tomorrow night I'm headed up to the city to bring Tracey dinner and help watch Camryn for a few hours. Tonight she's having dinner with her mother and father in law who are very angry that they're moving to Seattle. Little do they comprehend that the thing driving Dirk and Tracey away most is these same in-laws. I wish families could learn to work together as well as my friends. Oh well. At least I'll be there for Tracey to have someone to vent to. She's probably going to need it.

But for tonight, I'm off to go see Moulin Rouge again. It's at the cheapie theaters now. Rick and I are celebrating our day's successes. He finally got the render farm up and working at his office. I finally got the Netscape problem fixed. Now it's time for dinner and a movie, and there's an Erik's Deli Cafe right next to the theater. Woohoo!


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