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Wednesday, September 05, 2001

I am beta tester! Hear me write feedback! My life seems to be all about testing lately. I'm working on the Nanofictionary beta test. Round One is done and I just printed the new cards for Round Two so I'm hoping to talk Kevin into a night of gaming on Thursday or Friday.

At work I'm facilitating User Acceptance Testing. I'm actually currently in a room with fifteen people frantically typing information into PeopleSoft to see if the system works the way it's intended to. So far it's a lot of boring, repetitive data entry, but next week we get to start firing (fictitious) people and retiring them and killing them off! Woohoo! Okay, so maybe there's no real way to make human resources terribly exciting. Too bad.

And I'm also a subject for a psychology experiment. They're studying right handed women's negative reactions while scanning their brains with using MRI. Yesterday I went for my pre-MRI session. They had me rate several images on how negatively I reacted to them. Some of them were really negative. In fact, as I left, I promised myself I'd do something fluffy and light last night. When I arrived this morning, I couldn't remember what it was I was going to write about. It started out nice enough, but got ugly quick. Images. A door. A broken chair. A starving child. An infected rotting foot. Broken bones protruding from flesh. A chair. A sunset. Bombing victims. And so on. Anyway, the point was to rate how negative you felt about certain things on a scale of one to seven. Not fun exactly, but I've always wanted to participate in a psych experiment and I never got around to it in college. Plus, I get pretty pictures of my brain to take home after this one. I'm just amazed at how much I had put it out of my mind by the time I got home. Impressive. Of course, I had another beta test to distract me when I did get home after running errands and such. There was a Fed Ex tag on the door. They had come to deliver the equipment for my last and most secret beta test. Having signed a non-disclosure agreement, that's all I can say about that. But I'm just really excited about it!


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